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01 Registered a Utility model on a laser-pointing device with a mouse function (No. 0323683) - KIPO
03 Exhibited at CeBIT 2008 HANNOVER, GERMANY
04 Selected as a promising small exporter - SBA
06 Launched X-pointerⅠNew XP140plus (Model. XP140PP, XP140PB, XP140PB)
Selected for a project for developing new technology design (Task name: Development of RF 2.4GHz finger mouse design usable both on the ground and in the air) – SBA (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)
Selected for a project for discovering and nurturing Incheon High-Tech promising companies (Task name: Development of finger mouse products) - Incheon Business Agency
07 Launched X-pointer green (Model. XPG110)
Launched X-pointerⅢ (Model. XP300)
Launched 2.4GHz RF two-way camera wireless flash trigger (Model. XFC100A, XFC100B)
Selected as a promising high-tech company in Incheon - Incheon
08 Selected for a general task of SME technical innovation development (Task name: Development of a laser point-following device based on images
11 Launched 2.4GHz X-pointerⅡ (Model. XP200TR4G)
12 Launched XPG100
Selected X-pointer as an outstanding product (SME product promotion project) – SBA, SME distribution center
03 Selected for an SME technical guidance project in the sector of quality management - Incheon
04 Selected as an outstanding procurement product – Public Procurement Service (product name: XP200TR1G, XP140M256, XP140M512)
05 Selected as MAIN-BIZ - SBA
Selected for a Coupon-system management consulting project - SBA
Registered design: a wireless remote control receiver (No. 30-0450312) - KIPO
Selected for a support project of developing design by Incheon (Task name: Development of 2.4GHz RF presenter design applied with a magnetic sensor mouse and a green laser - Incheon Business Agency
06 Launched 2.4GHz X-pointerⅡXP200TR1G
Selected as INNO-BIZ - SBA
07 Signed an export contract (X-pointer I XP140) with Kokuyo, Japan
Acquired NEP new product certification – Ministry of ICT (product name: 2.4GHz RF two-way computer remote controller equipped with an optical mouse)
08 Launched two types of X-pointerⅠXP140plus RED and GRAY
Registered design: a wireless remote controller for presentations (No. 30-0458489) - KIPO
09 Re-certified with ISO9001 - DAS KOREA International Certification Board
01 Registered a patent on a spatial and optical mouse (No. 0545307) - KIPO
Acquired NEP new product certification – Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (product name: RF presenter with a built-in applied S/W remote-controlling function)
02 Acquired PSC certification in Japan – JQA (product name: X-Pointer)
03 Exhibited at 2006 CeBIT – Incheon Information Industry Promotion Agency
Selected as an promising exporter – Incheon SME Export Support Center
04 Exhibited at 2006 RetailVision - Korea SMEs and Startups Agency
05 Selected as a company to participate in Incheon Internation design fair - Incheon
06 Designated as an outstanding product by Public Procurement Service (product name: X-pointer II)
Launched a new product of X-pointerⅠXP140
Launched a new product of X-pointerⅡXP200TR512
Selected for a project for developing new technical design (Task name: Development of 2.4GHz wireless presenter design equipped with a special mouse device) – SBA (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)
10 Selected for a support project for developing outstanding design demo products (Task name: Development of 2.4GHz presenter design equipped with a special mouse device) - Incheon Business Agency
11 Selected as GD - Korea Institute of Design Promotion (product name: X-pointer I 'XP140')
12 Selected as an outstanding product in the good product campaign organized by the Hankyoreh – SBA, KFI, Korea Federation of SMEs, and the Hankyoreh (product name: X-pointer, X-Revo)
Selected as an outstanding company in the project of promoting SME products - SBA

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