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01 Joined Korea RFID/USN Association
02 Joined KITA
03 Established a research institute affiliated to the company - KOITA
04 Selected for a local government-led R&D project (Task name: Technical development of 3D augmented reality) - Incheon IT Industry Promotion Agency
Selected for a project for enhancing industrial competitiveness (Task name: Development of VIRTUAL MACHINE and FLATFORM for network robots) – Ministry of ICT
Selected for a strategic project of SME technical innovation development (Task name: Development of an intelligent home device of controlling interactive 2.4GHz RF and touch screen) - SBA
06 Launched 2.4GHz New X-Pointer II (Model: XP200TR)
Selected for a project of developing and commercializing new technology (Task name: RFID middleware system) – Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
07 Selected as a promising SME by Incheon - Incheon
Selected for a project for developing technology in cooperation with companies (Task name: Development of online urine drainage meter system for critical patients) - SBA
09 Registered a Utility model on X-pointer II (a wireless remote controller for computer terminals, No. 0395766) - KIPO
10 Won Grand prize in BI business field of Incheon IT Technology (product name: 2.4GHz RF Intelligent Remote Control) – Chairperson of Incheon City Council
12 Selected X-pointer as an outstanding product to recommend - Incheon
02 Register a trademark: X-pointer (No. 40-0573806) - KIPO
Registered a patent: a remote computer terminal control device (No. 10-0420661) - KIPO
05 Launched X-pointer II (model: XP200)
06 Ubiquitous computing research agreement - Youngdong University
Selected as an outstanding ICT – Ministry of ICT (Technology name: 2.4GHz RF two-way computer remote controller equipped with an optical mouse)
Selected for a project of developing IT new technology (Task name: 2.4GHz RF two-way computer remote controller equipped with an optical mouse) – Ministry of ICT
Selected for a support project of developing design (task name: spatial wireless optical mouse package/BI/CI) - Incheon Business Agency
08 Selected as an promising exporter – SBA Export Support Center
Acquired K Mark certification - KEIT
09 Acquired EM certification – KATS under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (product name: X-pointer II)
Acquired GD – Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (product name: X-pointer II 'XP200’)
Moved to the laboratory of the defense technology venture center - Defense Quality Assurance Agency
10 Launched X-Remocon (Model: XR100)
11 Selected as a promising exporter - SBA
12 Registered a utility model on night-firing aimer (a detachable laser aimer, No. 0370503) - KIPO
Acquired EM certification - Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (product name: X-pointer)
04 Won Excellent Small Company prize (venture business part) - Incheon Small Business Administration
SME technical innovation development project – selected for the general task part (Task name: Development data storage and personal portable devices to remotely control PCs and key-value-changing application software) - SBA
05 Selected for the industry-academia joint technical development consortium project (Task Name: wireless PC remotely-controlling device based on activated process identification) - SBA
07 Selected for design innovation product development project (Task Name: R/F remote control for presentations) – SBA (Korean Institute of Design Promotion)
08 Registered a utility model: a laser pointing device with mouse function (No. 20-0323683) – Korean Intellectual Property Office
09 Registered a patent: the way of controlling computer function keys for each of the programs of remote computer control devices (No. 10-0400188) - Korean Intellectual Property Office
02 Changed into a corporation – Chois Technology Co., Ltd.
08 Signed the industry-academia cooperation with Incheon Technical College
10 Launched X-pointer product
11 Applied for USA patent U.S.PTO 10/291047
01 Applied a patent on a wireless remote pointer
03 Established Chois Technology on March 15, 2001
05 Registered the utility model of X-pointer (Used as a pointer and wireless screen converting device for presentations, No. 0230692) –Korean Intellectual Property Office
07 Selected as a TBI business by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Task Name: technical development and commercialization of a screen-converting RF pointer for presentations) - Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
09 Acquired ISO9001 certification - DAS KOREA International Certification Board
10 Registered Key Value Auto-Conversion Program to Program - Deliberation & Mediation Committee
Registered a brand of X-pointer (Category 09 non-medical laser and other 9 items, No. 0573806) - Korean Intellectual Property Office
12 Designated as venture business - SBA

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