We will become a global leader taking the initiative in impressing customers and
shaping the future by popularizing next-generation wireless technologies.

Product Descriptions

Wireless Presenter

  • Starting a New Experience with No. 1 Wireless Presenter, X-Pointer!
  • Your own stylishly designed presenter, X-pointer to enable you to control your presentation by changing pages from distances without the help of an assistant
  • It has a high-quality laser pointer that is far brighter than those products made by other companies. The wireless presenter is the first developed by domestic technology that boasts excellent visibility and helps a user to precisely point, thanks to the module and circuit technology.

Laser Pointer

  • Vivid and Long-Lasting Laser! The High-Quality Output Premium Laser Pointer ‘X-Pointer!’ Equipped with the Best Technology of Chois Technology Co., Ltd.
  • The High-Quality Green Laser Pointer ‘X-Pointer’ Applying Chois Technology’s Own Green Pulse Technology, Lasting 80 Hours and Lighting Eight-Times Brighter
  • A Laser Pointer Considering the Safety of a User! X-Pointer, A New Premium Laser Pointer That is Safer with Laser Operation Display LED Applied

Health Care

  • Collecting Newly Changed Paradigm Data on Healthcare! We will use Cholis Technology’s wireless technology to contribute to preventing diseases and treating patients based on customized medications by collecting and storing data in advance.
  • ‘Digital health care’ through data-based health management is the key to the future healthcare!
  • By providing medical services beyond time and space, we will take the lead in developing future healthcare core technology for anyone to receive convenient healthcare service anytime and anywhere.

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