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A Company Creating a Free World through Wireless Technology

Greetings! I am Choi Soon-Pil, CEO of ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2001, ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd. has focused on developing wirelss next-generation interface devices including RF presenters, RF PC remote controllers, and so forth.

X-Pointer is the leader in the wireless presenter market share in Korea. In addition, with our own brand “X-Pointer” we have secured bridgeheads to advance into markets in the USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia, East Asia, and others.

The first and best
wireless presenter in Korea

ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd. has been developing not only next-generation wireless interface devices, but also medical devices for the realization of U-health care. We have recently developed and started selling Smartphone-based family-use wireless thermometers that can check body temperature in real time. We have also developed single-use wireless thermometers to be used hospitals and other medical facilities; heart rate meters that can be connected with Smartphone to conduct real-time monitoring service; oxygen saturation measurement devices (SPO2); respiratory inductive plethysmography; and other ‘comprehensive patient-monitoring systems.’ In addition, we have developed a Smartphone-linked system that can monitor toxic gas in real time at industrial sites and are expanding our business into various areas.

By popularizing various products equipped with next-generation wireless technology developed by ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd., we will devote ourselves to becoming a global leader in impressing customers and guiding changes in the future.
Best Regards.

CEO Choi Soon-Pil

ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd.
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