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01 Exhibited at CES2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas
03 Exhibited at KIMES2017 (Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show)
04 Selected for a design innovation capacity-strengthening project (Task name: Development of IoT service design system to monitor newborn babies’ bio-signals and environmental information in real time) –Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
05 Venture company confirmation renewal – Korea Technology Finance Corporation
Selected for a support project for manufacturing an SME demo product in the radio industry (Task name: Development of service system to save people from falls and disasters) – Korea Radio Promotion Association
06 Registered design: a laser pointer (No. 30-0913490) - KIPO
08 Exhibited at a mobile phone peripherals fair of KITAS at COEX, Seoul
Exhibited at a medical device fair of Medipharm EXPO at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Vietnam
10 Exhibited at Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Centre
Registered a patent: a thermometer (No. 10-1792232) - KIPO
11 Exhibited at a medical device fair of MEDICA at Dusseldorf Messe, Germany
12 Selected as a promising exporter – Incheon Small Venture Business Administration
01 Acquired GMP for manufacturing medical devices and meeting quality management standards - KFDA
02 Designated as a promising exporter ‘e-Power 300’ – KFTA, Small & Medium Business Corporation, KOTRA
03 Relocated the HQs (to Songdo Techno Park IT Center)
04 Selected for a support project for manufacturing an SME demo product in the radio industry (Task name: Single-use smart thermometer that is able to conduct wireless monitoring in real time) – Korea Radio Promotion Association
Selected for the 2nd commercialization support project of reusing Smartphone and establishing an augmented application technology base (Task name: Development of a wireless monitoring system to check small-sized greenhouse produce environment by reutilizing Smartphone) – Gyeongbuk University Institute of Advanced Convergence Technology
05 Launched ThermoSafer (XST200)
INNO-BIZ renewal - SBA
Registered a patent: a remote control device (No. 10-1619432) - KIPO
06 Registered design: respiratory inductive plethysmography (No. 30-0857722) - KIPO
08 Selected as one of the top-10 at KITAS – IT accessory peripherals (product name: XST200)
09 Registered design: an electronic thermometer (No. 30-0874644) - KIPO
10 Launched XPC100
Registered a patent: Skin irritation treatment device (No. 10-1667320) - KIPO
Selected for a technical development support project of commercializing and enhancing R&D (Task name: Improvement of the wearability of respiratory inductive plethysmography by making it small for patients going under anesthetic operation) – Incheon Economy Industry Information Techno Park
11 Registered design – a gas-monitoring device (No. 30-0880407) - KIPO
Registered design: a remote controller with a built-in laser pointer (No. 30-0880408) - KIPO
12 Received GD, universal design, and an award from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy – (product name: XST200)
01 Registered design: a wireless remote control (No. 30-0780594) - KIPO
03 Selected for a support project of Incheon SW convergence BI-Plex R&D (Task name: Development of respiratory inductive plethysmography that is able to monitor the respiratory conditions of patients undergoing anesthetic operation in real time) – Incheon Information Industry Promotion Agency
04 Registered a patent: Power-supplying device and a laser pointer (No. 10-1509719) - KIPO
Registered a patent: Laser pointing device (No. 10-1509720) - KIPO
Selected for an industry-academia technical development project (Task name: Development of a wireless thermometer for infants, which is connected with portable Smartphone and conducts real-time wireless monitoring service)
Selected for a Business Idea support project (Task name: Development of full color light synchronized with Smartphone camera and Bluetooth)
06 Acquired a software business license – Korea Software Industry Association
Selected for a support project of developing production technology (Task name: Development of a module-type real-time monitoring system that is linked with Smart devices to check toxic gases)
07 Acquired ISO9001 Re-certification - DAS KOREA International Certification Board
09 Registered design: an electrocardiogram (No. 30-0817517) - KIPO
Received an award from the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning
11 Selected as a promising exporter - SBA
Registered design: a wireless remote control (No. 30-0825981) - KIPO

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