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01 Exhibited at CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas
Registered a trademark: X-pointer (No. 40-0898930) - KIPO
Registered a trademark: XPOINTER (No. 40-0898931) - KIPO
03 Obtained PSC certification
Exhibited at CeBIT 2012 HANNOVER, GERMANY
04 Launched X-pointer mobile pulse ((XPS100)
05 Launched X-pointer mobile pulse S (XPS110)
Exhibited at WIS2012
Registered a patent: a portable presentation device that is easy to change key parameters and the way of control the device (No. 10-1147297) - KIPO
Registered design: a laser pointer and other 4 items (N. 30-0644397) - KIPO
07 Launched X-pointer 3 (3 (X-pointer3) App
Registered a patent: a portable presentation device equipped with keyword-associating functions, the way of operating the device and the way of providing the keyword-associating functions using the device (No. 10-1171109)
Selected for SME design capacity-strengthening support project (Task name: Development of a subminiature laser pointer design for Smart devices - SBA
08 Exhibited at IFA 2012 (Berlin, Germany)
Registered design a remote control (No. 30-0658344) - KIPO
Selected as a company to be moved into Juan Venture Company nurturing district (Task name: Demo product of X-pointer clip – Incheon IT Industry Promotion Agency
09 Exhibited at ICT Roadshow in South America
Registered a trademark: (No. 40-0933742) - KIPO
Registered design: a remote control and other 3 items (No. 30-0659245) - KIPO
10 Exhibited at HKEF 2012
Registered design: a remote control (No. 01 of the same category of No. 30-0646650) - KIPO
Registered design: a laser pointer (No. 30-0666776) - KIPO
11 Received an award at Aving VIP Asia Awards 2012 - Aving News (product name: XPS200)
01 Launched XPM Series equipped with a magic key function, Exhibited at CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas
03 Registered a trademark: X-remocon (No. 40-0858023)
04 Exhibited at ICT Roadshow in South America
Joined a group of participants in the industry-academy-centered university-nurturing businesses led by Incheon University – Incheon University
05 Participated in foreign buyer-inviting export meetings at World IT Show (May 12, 2012)
Selected for a support project of manufacturing IMT demo products (Task name: Development of remote monitoring thermometer for Smart devices) – Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator
07 Applied for an overseas trademark on X-pointer (USA, Japan, China)
Changed company’s BI
Selected for a support project for developing design by Incheon (Task name: Development of pen-type presenter design for both presentations and electronic bulletin boards) - Incheon Business Agency
08 Registered a patent: pointing/interface system (No. 10-1056388) - KIPO
09 Launched a product under brand name XP140S
Exhibited at IFA 2011 (Berlin, Germany)
Registered a patent: touch display system (No. 10-1065771) - KIPO
10 Selected as a vision company - Incheon
Launched XPM145, Exhibited at KES 2011 (KINTEX, Ilsan)
11 Launched XP110 and XP120
Registered a patent: a laser pointer (No. 10-1081896) - KIPO
Selected for a project for developing technologies for SME startup growth (Task name: Development of UID with a built-in sensor module that traces acceleration motions) - SBA
12 Selected as an outstanding company for enhancing trade among SMEs by Incheon - Incheon
Selected as a hit product by E-newspaper – E-Newspaper (product name: XP350Magic, XPM145)
Registered design: a remote controller with a built-in laser pointer (No. 01 in the same category of No. 30-0520500) - KIPO

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