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Title [News] Global esports competition strengthening K-quarantine by monitoring thermometer Thermosafer
Posted by ㈜초이스테크놀로지 (ip:)
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  • Date 2021-01-12 17:48:46
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'Battleground's global e-sports festival 'PubG Global Invitational.S’ held at Paradise Studio in Incheon, Yeongjongdo, Incheon from February 5th to March 28th. Thermosafer XST400 is strengthening K-quarantine in response to COVID-19 since the isolation period (January 8~), we have been together in Yangyang, Gangwon-do.

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'Battleground's global e-sports festival 'PubG Global Invitational.S' (hereinafter referred to as PGI.S) strengthening K-quarantine in response to COVID-19 by introducing monitoring thermometer Thermosafer XST400 and monitoring solutions


PGI.S is the longest global e-sports festival ever held for 8 consecutive weeks from February 2 to March 28, 2021. This year, it will be held in Korea and has a total of 32 professional teams including Europe, Americas, and Asia. This is a world-class esports competition with a total prize pool of $3.5 million.


The organizer, PUBG, puts the top priority on the safety and health of players and employees when operating PGI.S. First of all, the invited team will be quarantined for about two weeks upon entry. It has been revealed that it will apply not only the COVID-19 quarantine standards proposed by the state and local governments, but also its own strengthened quarantine measures.


For the purpose of self-reinforced quarantine, athletes' body temperature will be monitored using the single use wireless monitoring thermometer Thermosafer XST400 during the competition, including the two-week self-isolation period currently in progress.


All players attach thermosafers to check their' body temperature in real time whole period. When a body temperature is out of the normal body temperature range measured through Thermosafer, the temperature can be monitored as real time. And it is possible to response immediately.


CHOISTechnology is trying to best in order to ensure the safety of this international competition. We will support the competition for a safe and successful complete!