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Title ImagePointer-FAQ (updated December 2020)
Posted by ㈜초이스테크놀로지 (ip:)
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  • Date 2020-12-17 12:01:17
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to install the software to use this product?
Controlling the mouse pointer and moving the previous slide and next slide from PowerPoint or keynote works only by connecting the USB to the PC without installing the program as plug and play mode. The software installation is required to use the image pointer functions
Where can I download the ImagePointer software?
It can be downloaded via OS download link at the bottom of this page(
I want to know how to install and use the ImagePointer software.
How to use Video guide: There is a YouTube video link at the bottom of the software download page.
An error occurs while installing the ImagePointer software for windows
When installing the program, If a message is displayed as "Windows Defender SmartScreen blocked the startup of an unrecognized app. Running this app may put your PC at risk." , click [Additional Information] and then click the [run] button at the bottom right
An error occurs while installing the ImagePointer software for windows 2
If there is an error in the process of installing 47% after running the program file: This error ocuurs when the installation is performed while the program is already running. Reinstall the ImagePointer software after finishing the ImagePointer software from the hidden icon in the task bar.
An error occurs while installing the ImagePointer software.
For macOS Catalina, the software is recognized as malicious software and cannot be installed, change [System Preferences]-[Security and Privacy Policy]-[Allow downloaded apps] to "App Store and Verified Developer" and install the software.
How do I install and use the program without the internet.
For a computer that cannot connect to the Internet for security reasons or other reasons, copy the installation file to the computer using USB memory and then proceed with the installation. For Windows When using the software on a computer without an Internet connection, select the button that do not check updates of the software at update option when starting the program
When using the highlight mode, the highlight circle appears red. When using the magnifier mode, the inside of the magnifier looks black in Windows7
The problems occur only in the Windows 7 OS. The highlight and magnifier modes work only when the task bar at the bottom of the window is transparent. 1. Change to [Personalization]-[Theme]-[Aero theme] 2. Check if the taskbar is transparent 3. If the taskbar is opaque after changing the Aero theme, change to the Basic theme and then change to the Aero theme again. 4. If the taskbar is still opaque, click the troubleshooter of the aero effect at the bottom and proceed.
How do I set the software language?
It is set automatically according to the language of the operating system. Languages supported: Korean Japanese English Chinese *Basic language is English
When I connected the receiver to the PC, the message is popped up In the image pointer program, "Connect the receiver to use" (1)
When the product is used at an institution, school, company, etc., not at home, Please check whether your personal computer is configured as a cloud server system. In the case of a cloud server system, the USB receiver is connected to the personal computer and mouse control is possible.
When I connected the receiver to the PC, the message is popped up In the image pointer program, "Connect the receiver to use" (2)
When the ImagePointer software is installed, it is installed on the cloud management server and the receiver can not be recognized. In this case, you need to ask to your PC administrator to install the software directly on your computer. If the same problem appears on the PC in use at home Please try plugging in a different USB port or testing it on a different computer to see if the USB port is malfunctioning.
How to update the software?
After the initial installation, automatic updates are supported when running the software.
It doesn't seem to be connected to the USB receiver.
Try connecting the USB receiver to a different USB port on your computer, or check if the blue LED is blinking on the receiver.
What is Air Mouse function?
If you place your finger on the middle round one button and move the presenter, you can control the mouse arrow as if you were using a mouse, and it works the same as a left mouse click when you click the touch button.
Can I make the default mouse pointer invisible?
You can't make the default mouse pointer invisible on the normal screen, but you can set the default mouse pointer to be invisible using the ability to hide the mouse arrow in PowerPoint or keynotes.
When using the presenter, the mouse pointer keeps breaking when moving not smoothly. What's the problem?
When you use the product with High CPU occupancy programs such playing video, the movement of the mouse pointer may be unnatural. Please use it after finishing the other programs.
Can I make the direction of movement of the pointer the same as mine?
In the Software setting, check the 'Always Start in the Center' in the setup menu, it can help to match the direction and spacing of the pointer movement on the screen when moving the presenter.
Which OS the product can be used?
For windows above 10 and for macOS It is optimized for Catalina or above OS, so it may not be possible to use earlier versions.
Which device the product can be used?
ImagePointer is a receiver connection type, it is difficult to use on a tablet PC including an iPad.
Can I use the ImagePointer on the normal beam projector screen?
ImagePointer is a product that installs software on a computer and points with the customized image as a mouse pointer. As it is not directly point out the screen like a laser pointer. It can be used on all beam projectors and LCD / LED monitors.
What is the operation distance?
The operating distance may vary depending on the use environment. Basically 50m(160ft) in open field.
The use distance seems too short. What is the problem?
If the USB receiver(PC) and the transmitter(user) place in separate spaces or separated by glass doors, the usage distance is shortened. It is recommended that the PC and the user place in one space. If you cannot use it within 1m from a PC, please contact AS.
How long can it be used?
It can be used continuously for about 15 hours after full charging. It may vary depending on the usage environment.
Where I need to contact to Customer service
Please kindly contact to
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