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Title [Hankyung News] ChoisTechnology IMAGE POINTER, “POINTER, Which Is Stands Out Even on Bright LCD TV Screens”
Posted by ㈜초이스테크놀로지 (ip:)
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  • Date 2020-11-04 10:16:16
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The Korea Economic Daily

ChoisTechnology IMAGE POINTER,
“POINTER, Which Is Stands Out Even on Bright LCD TV Screens”
The Best Product of the Month from SMEs
User can changes pointer size, etc.
Simple drawings available
Magnifying and highlighting key points

Presentation (PT) is a daily work for office workers and students. When a user point out some figures that describes the data on a screen, the level of concentration increases. This is why presenters delivery their speech by holding a red laser pointer in his hand was in the spotlight.

However, problems arose due to the use of LCD TVs. As large LCD TVs become cheaper, it has become more common to carry out presentation by using LCD TVs rather than beam projectors. The problem with LCD TVs is that conventional laser pointer lights are not visible. ChoisTechnology’s IMAGE POINTER was created to solve this problem. When users plug a receiver into a USB port, users can utilize the IMAGE POINTER that can emphasize what users want within the presentation screen.

Choi Soon-pil, CEO of ChoisTechnology, introduces IMAGE POINTER for presentation


Develop presentation-specialized small devices

ChoisTechnology is a company specializing in wireless presenters established in 2002. CEO Choi Soon-pil, who was studying for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at graduate school, started his business by developing a product called "wireless presenter." This is a small device that combines a button that allows presenters to turn over presentation screens and a laser pointer function.

Prior to Choi’s wireless presentation, people had to make a presentation by pointing out the screen with a laser pointer or a long stick, with a person handing over the screen page with a computer mouse for the presenter.
"I thought about developing products because I felt uncomfortable whenever I had something to announce at a graduate school," CEO Choi said. "If I plug a receiver into a USB terminal on a computer, I can turn over the slides wirelessly and also function as a laser pointer, which is the main product group of ChoisTechnology."

‘IMAGE POINTER’, which was released in May by ChoisTechnology, is a step forward from existing products.
It is not a laser pointer that emits laser beam directly on a screen, but it is a product that allows a pointer to appear like a cursor of the mouse inside a computer screen. Large LCD TVs were developed as they were often used for presentation purposes. "As the LCD TV screen is bright and the laser is out of sight, the presenter has had to touch it with his hands or with a stick," Choi said. "This product recorded monthly sales of about 50 million won for half a year." The consumer price of the image pointer is 160,000 won (USD 140)


Set pointer as custom image pointer
The IAMGE POINTER is equipped with a basic pointer of a circle. Each time users control the presenter, the circular pointer moves inside the screen following the motion of the users. Users can change the size, thickness, and color of the pointer. It also has the ability to underline or draw simple figures on presentation slides.
Users can also change the pointer image whatever they want. You can set the desired image as the pointer. Moving image files (GIFs) can also be possible as pointers. "For a company’s announcement, it can be applied by using its logo as a pointer." said CEO Choi. It also has functions to give a focus by magnifying important parts or highlighting areas.

While introducing new presentation products, ChoisTechnolgoy is also expanding its product line to include medical devices. Wireless monitoring thermometer is a major product. It is a product that can measure body temperature in real time by attaching a sensor to the body. The idea is that it is difficult to measure a baby's temperature every time. The alarm also rings when the body temperature is higher than a certain temperature. "We will expand our product area with sensors that can detect humidity and carbon dioxide as well as temperature," Choi said. "We are also planning products that can be used in hospitals, factories and farms where temperature and humidity are important."


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